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Welcome to the NHS Citizen Stock Take Meeting 

On the 25th March we held an Assembly Review Stock Take Meeting to learn what progress has been made on the five issues discussed at the pilot NHS Citizens’ Assembly last year.


We webcast the Introduction and Purpose at 10 am until 10:30 am. The webcast continued from 1:30 pm to 3:20 pm, where we discussed progress made, lessons learned and next steps.


To learn more, please read our blog post here.


Specifically the Assembly stock-take has three key aims:


1. To hold the NHS England Board to account and make progress on issues visible to all;


2. To reflect, identify and articulate change that has happened as a result of the Assembly Meeting, understand where change hasn’t happened and what has stopped it; and


3. To re-examine the five issues discussed at the Assembly Meeting through the local lens and explore how they would they deal with the issues.


Social reporting and live blogging took place during the day surrounding what happened - read our blog post to find out more.

Issue Information Packs 

At the Assembly Review and Stock Take citizens and the NHS England board will be meeting to discuss the five issues that were first brought before the Assembly meeting in September 2015.

The board committed to specific action on all of the issues at that meeting and we will talk today about the progress there has been on these. You can read about the progress and work  that NHS England has been undertaken in the updated information packs below. Please click the links below to see PDFs of the information packs.

NHS Citizen Assembly Stock Take Webcast 

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NHS Citizen Assembly Stock Take Webcast 

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