Past Events - NHS Citizen

Past Events 

NHS England has been are are currently holding events across England surrounding the design of NHS Citizen. Here are the previous events held, and upcoming events can be found on the top navigation bar.


NHS Citizen Webcasting Event - October 22nd - 23rd, 2013

Designing a Citizens' Assembly for NHS England. This is the very first NHS Citizen event where the model for NHS Citizen was was first looked at and discussed.

You can find the day two webcast of the event here.


NHS Citizen Sunderland - January 30th 2014

This session involved a group of local residents, focusing on questions such as how NHS Citizen will manage local and national issues together.


NHS Citizen Expo in Manchester - 3rd and 4th of March 2014

This webcast page tells the story of the Healthcare and Innovation Expo 2014. Here we have storified the event, and have included interviews and photos showcasing the day's events.


NHS Citizen South West in Exeter - 23rd April 2014

This one day design workshop discussed the latest model raised and what the boundaries of the NHS Citizen are. One important question asked was 'how do we make sure that the NHS Citizen is a trusted environment?'


NHS Citizen Design Workshop in Leeds - 7th and 8th of May 2014

The design workshop in Leeds looks at the current version of NHS Citizen and all of the feedback received. Here you can view the discussion of the days and how working together we can design the next version of NHS Citizen.


NHS Citizen North West in Liverpool - 29th of May 2014

This regional event includes background and updates on NHS citizen, while also looking at what NHS Citzien may look like in the North West of England. In this webcast we are asking two important questions: What does it mean to be an NHS Citizen, and who decided what exactly is important?


NHS Citizen East of England in Cambridge - 19th of June 2014

This event was held in conjuction with the East of England Citizens' Senate, established to include voices of petients, carers and family members in strategic decisions about health care in the East of England. At this event we heard from members of Senate about their work, lessons learned and how the Senate and NHS Citizen could work together.


NHS Citizen Bristol - 24th and 25th July, 2014

This two day event looked into testing the technology we’re building to put the NHS Citizen design into place.


Setting the Agenda for the Assembly - 1st of September 2014

This session looked at the potential discussion topics before the NHS Citizen Assembly, narrowing down to five.


The NHS Citizen Assembly - 18th September 2014

This was the very first test run of NHS Citizen. We discussed several topics and brought together issues and how to potentially fix them.


NHS Citizen Birmingham - 2 & 3 October 2014

This event looked at how NHS Citizen can work and create links with organisations and individuals on a local level.


NHS Citizen Workshop, London Patient Voice & Involvement - October 17th, 2014

This event was held for people already involved in patient participation and involvement groups (both staff and volunteers) at a local or national level. We explored shared issues and how NHS Citizen can link different groups together.


NHS Citizen Darlington - 20th November 2014

Here we looked to work out how NHS Citizen and better public engagment could make local health and social services better and more responsive.


As part of this, we looked to map the local health and social care system, find out about current participation and discover how we could develop the NHS Citizen system live in this area.


NHS Citizen Assembly Stock Take Webcast - 25 March 2015

On the 25th March we held an Assembly Review Stock Take Meeting to learn what progress has been made on the five issues discussed at the pilot NHS Citizens’ Assembly last year.

Specifically the Assembly stock-take has three key aims:


1. To hold the NHS England Board to account and make progress on issues visible to all;


2. To reflect, identify and articulate change that has happened as a result of the Assembly Meeting, understand where change hasn’t happened and what has stopped it; and


3. To re-examine the five issues discussed at the Assembly Meeting through the local lens and explore how they would they deal with the issues.