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Welcome to NHS Citizen Birmingham 

Welcome to the NHS Citizen Birmingham Workshop.

This event took place on the 2nd and 3rd of October at Fazeley Studios in Birmingham. You can see some of the online discussion below.


The webcast began at 10:30 am on Thursday October 2nd and at 9 am on Friday October 3rd. We discussed how NHS Citizen can work and create links with organisations and individuals on a local level.




10:30 am Team conversation about the Secretariat

Afternoon Session - What kinds of problems can NHS Citizen solve locally, and what would a successful future local system look like?

1:30 pm - Workshop begins (introductions)

2:00 pm - Introduction to NHS Citizen 

2:30 pm - What are the problems that NHS Citizen can deal with?

3 pm - What would success look like?

4 pm - Blocks and enhancers

4:30 pm - Exploring local problems

5:40 pm - Reflections 

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm - Evening session – local system mapping, how NHS Citizen can work in real local area?


9am - Looking at what needs to alter in NHS Citizen to support the success of local system change and provide a channel to the national NHS Citizen Assembly and what does NHS Citizen need to offer to support all this, locally and nationally. Full agenda to follow.

Finish at 3:30 pm

NHS Citizen Birmingham - Day One Webcast 

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NHS Citizen Birmingham Discussion 

Please use this discussion forum to take part in the event. Here you can ask questions and add your thoughts. Please read this blog post for community guidelines and more information.
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